【開店一周年記念】KOW YOKOYAMA展示会限定グッズ送料無料キャンペーン


そこで、ささやかではありますが、開店一周年とかけて、こちらも開催から一年を経ました『横山 宏のマシーネンクリーガー展 立体でみせる空想世界』グッズを送料無料(海外は650JPY)にて販売させていただきます。



tonerico will open one year later tomorrow May 7th.
Although it is a tightrope walking day, I would like to thank our customers and dealers for their continued support for business.

So, although it's a modest one, it's been one year since the opening of the store, and this year it's been a year since we started selling [KOW YOKOYAMA's Maschinen-Krieger exhibition, The imagination world to show by molding], will be sold at half the overseas shipping price (650 JPY). .

We hope that your hobby life will continue to be enhanced in the future ...! !!

** Even if you purchase multiple items eligible for the campaign, the overseas shipping fee will be 650 JPY.
* If purchased in combination with items that are not eligible for the campaign, the shipping fee will be the same as the items that are not eligible.