About overseas shipping revision 海外向け送料の改定について

As for the post office overseas flights, there is no prospect of recovery, so we decided to use a private transportation company.
For that reason, we will temporarily revise the shipping fee for overseas.

Old price: e-packet ¥ 1300 EMS ¥ 2300 (HONG KONG, TAIWAN, ¥ 1800)
New price ¥ 2600 (HONG KONG, TAIWAN, KOREA ¥ 2000)
* Use both post office and private transportation company
* Customers who have placed an order so far will ship at the conventional
shipping cost.

Once the virus turmoil has subsided and the flight has normalized, return to the old rate.
May the world regain normal life !


旧料金 e-packet ¥1300 EMS ¥2300 (HONG KONG, TAIWAN,¥1800)
新料金 ¥2600 (HONG KONG, TAIWAN,KOREA ¥2000)