【gonbro】新製品が入荷しました New products are arrived !

韓国のスカルプター、Jemo Kang氏のブランド【gonbro】より、新作バスト[1:10 DONE]が入荷致しました。

A new bust [1:10 DONE] has arrived from the brand [gonbro] of Mr. Jemo Kang, a sculptor in Korea.
This work impresses with a ephemeral look, as if she was looking at hometown, which was dyed by the war. Please add it to your collection.


The kit is a resin output product from a 3D printer.
Contrary to the delicateness of molding, it is composed of only 5 parts, and the body's integral molding is particularly eye-catching.
Lamination marks peculiar to printer molding are not noticeable, and I am happy with the high quality that can be put into painting immediately after some surface treatment.
The first arrival is in small quantity, so please go ahead!


1:48, 1:72 scale figures have re-appeared from the original SF series [Gappa] developed by gonbro.
Although it is an original series, it is highly versatile and fits as an accessory for SF mechanicals of the same scale!

1:10,1:24 Tippleboy や1:16 Tiger hunter などの従来品も入荷しています。

1:10,1:24 Tippleboy and 1:16 Tiger hunter are available.
In addition to the unexpectedness of the theme, please add figures that have a charming depiction that sculpts with a real person as a motif to the collection.