Thank you for visiting our shop.
While the effects of the new coronavirus are still expanding, our overseas shipping methods are recovering due to the efforts of post offices and shipping companies.

Our shop displays the order form in English
from JST24:00(PDT8:00 , GMT15:00) to 8:30(PDT16:30 , GMT23:30) .

In cases other than the above, see the screen below.

First order screen.
If you want to continue shopping in the future, please select "Login to purchase".
For a one-time shopping, select "Purchase as a guest".

This is the [Login to purchase] screen.
To register your e-mail address and password, click on [Click here for new registration ".
After that, it will switch to the screen on the right side, so enter the email address and mark the check box to send.

When you reach the customer information input screen, you can select the language.
Please check [Overseas] and enter each item.